“Little could Herbert, Sarfatti, and the others know that their dogged pursuit of faster-than-light communication — and the subtle reasons for its failure — would help launch a billion-dollar industry. … To Stapp, Bell’s theorem and the landmark experiment by group member John Clauser led to the “conclusion that superluminal transfer of information is necessary.”6 And so the agenda was set. The question of superluminal information transfer, and whether it could be controlled to send signals faster than light, would occupy Herbert, Sarfatti, and the others for the better part of a decade. Their efforts instigated major work on Bell’s theorem and the foundations of quantum theory. Most important became known as the “no-cloning theorem,” at the heart of today’s quantum encryption technology” David Kaiser, MIT “How the Hippies Saved Physics”

Jack Sarfatti
Apr 23, 2017 · 2 min read

Just imagine when these people finally realize that I have solved the qualia “hard problem” of David Chalmers with post-quantum mechanics that is the next “radically conservative” (John Archibald Wheeler) minimal Popper falsifiable step beyond quantum mechanics. Just as the proper understanding of gravity required Einstein’s general relativity (1915) as the minimal next step beyond his earlier special relativity (1905), so too, the proper understanding of our inner feelings, perceptions, and creative discoveries are physically natural post-quantum phenomena. Quantum computers are thought to be more powerful than classical computers allowing the hacking of classical public key cryptography. In the same way, post-quantum computers that operate both forwards and backwards in time (e.g. PCTCs of Seth Lloyd MIT) can, in principle, hack the supposedly unhackable quantum cryptographic webs being constructed by the Red Chinese and even, it is alleged that mad North Korean tyrant.


http://www.tcm.phy.cam.ac.uk/~mdt26/PWT/lectures/bohm8.pdf slides 25 & 31

Jack Sarfatti

Written by

Libertarian physicist quantum theory, general relativity, in MIT Prof David Kaiser's book How The Hippies Saved Physics. CEO Internet Science Education Project

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