When Snapchat Stumbled

What I learned from Snapchat Discovery

Snapchat Discovery is a brilliant way to monetize the app without disrupting the native experience. It even has the potential to add value on its own, delivering headlines to 13–24 year olds as they want to see them - surface level. Zero effort. Perfect. Well… Almost.

The golden rule of any social communication is targeted messaging, and they seem to have forgotten that. Yes, perhaps it'll come later, but the fact of the matter is that first impressions matter, especially when you're aiming for user acceptance. Otherwise, prepare to be ignored.

So, here’s how I would have rolled it out: Give everyone 6 required channels, because hey, they are using the app for free, but invite them to choose 6 of their own. TV shows, YouTube stars, more relevant news sources; producers who would draw attention to the new service. Once users are already there, then try to earn their attention on the core 6 channels.

From this I learned that there’s no substitute for customization when conveying any message. It doesn't matter if you have a powerhouse reputation, attention must be earned with every communication. So focus my friends, let’s strive to get it right the first time.

I thank you for your attention! I hope I'll have it again soon!☺

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