Best Of April Fools 2016

Originally appeared on Meed — The Community For Young Professionals

Happy April 1st! Check out our favorite April Fools 2016 pranks.

1) Mark For H&M:

H&M has re-issued their basics line for all those morning where you simply can’t plan an outfit because you are too busy becoming the next big social network founder. Get the Zuckerberg look with 7 grey t-shirts and one pair of blue jeans, shipped to your house in one package!

2) Youtube’s Snoopavision:

“We originally wanted the Gin and Juice Video to be in 360 but the technology wasn’t there so I coded the hell out of this software to get me up in there — Snoop Dogg, Project Architect

3) Lyft Prank Mode:

Lyft will play a prank on any of your friends during their ride. Check out their practice run with Golden State Warriors Andre Iguodala and Festus Ezeli.

4) IRobot & Zumba: #ZumbaRoomba

IRobot is combining your favorite interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party with their cleaning robot to make those sunday chores a little bit more fun.

5) Duolingo Pillow:

Want to learn a foreign language but don’t have the time, well Duolingo has the perfect product for you. Learn Spanish, French, Italian, or Japanese, all while you sleep with the official Duolingo Pillow. Don’t count sheep, master a new language!

“I went to bed only speaking English, but woke up bilingual. ¡Buenos días a todos!” — Sean Chin, Pittsburgh

6) Natural Geographic To Stop Publishing Nude Animal Picture:

“The media group says that it will no longer degrade animals by showing photos of them without clothes.”

7) Google MicDrop:

Sick of arguing with your classmates about who is going to write the citations page for your group project? Try Google Mic Drop! Simply hit the mic drop button at the bottom of your email to mute all future replies AND send a gif of a Minion dressed as a queen dropping a mic.

According to Google, they have disabled the feature because users were confused and clicked the button by accident resulting in several people getting fired from their jobs. We have a sinking suspicion though that this might also be part of the prank.