Primaries 2016 — Students Voice Support & Concerns

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As Trump clenches the Republican bid, and the delegate gap between Clinton and Sanders’ closes, the 2016 Election season has been more controversial and heated than ever before. Get caught up on the election with these articles by students on Meed!

1. The Internet And Politics… Good Or Bad? by Amber Graham

Clinton has over 6.11 million followers on Twitter, Reddit is screaming “Feel The Burn!”, and Trump gifs are flooding the internet.

2. Do Not Be Satisfied With That One Line Tweet by Gyorgy Matrai

Why Trump and Sanders need to focus on building an economic policy that is more complex than 140 characters.

3. Bernie Sanders’ Climate Change Plan by Estelle Rayburn

How Bernie Sanders’ plans on reducing carbon pollution by 40% in the U.S. by 2030

4. An Opinion On The U.S. 2016 Election by Joseph Chiu

A Canadian citizen living in the United States, shares his opinion on the U.S. 2016 Election.

5. Is The Bern Too Hot by Sam Blythe

Sanders’ socialist policies cause him to lose the support of one student.

6. What Trump Means For Research by Wen Chen

Trumps views on science policy are scarce but we do know he believes vaccines could cause autism.

7. Problems With Presidential Candidate Websites by Amy Boglarski

From asking for donations to explaining policy viewpoints, how user interface reveals a candidate’s priorities.

8. Integrating Immigrants Into American Schools by Jamie Teal

Why national anti-immigrant sentiments need to be addressed in the classroom.

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