The Official Influencer Guide

Thanks for signing up to be an Influencer on Meed! Your experience and advice is the foundation on which Meed is built. There are over 50,000 students on Meed who are actively seeking your help. Here’s the breakdown of all the features on Meed and how to find students interested in your field.

Create Your Profile

Fill out a short bio about your past experiences and what kind of questions students should be asking you! For example, our Marketing Director Jack’s profile says:

Director of Marketing at Meed, Oakland Resident, UC Berkeley Grad. Ask me about marketing, design, social justice, appropriate interview attire, or really anything!

For your tagline, try to include your job title and where you work because that’s a student’s main identifier of who you are!

Introducing Yourself & Joining Groups

Introduce yourself to the community! There are a variety of industry focused groups to participate in, ranging from Women In STEM to Liberal Arts. Check out the full list here and join any groups that peak your interest!

Post an update in any community to let people know about your background in the area and how you can help!

Answering Questions & Hosting An AMA

By clicking the questions tag on the left side of your screen you’ll see all the questions that have been asked by students. Feel free to peruse them, and answer any that are applicable to your experience!

You can also host your own AMA (Ask Me Anything) through your status bar. All you have to do is make a quick introduction and let students know that you are happy to answer any questions they may have. This will appear on your profile, and students will ask their questions in the comments.

Share Share Share

Post articles that interest you, work you’ve published, or any helpful resources for students. Sharing content, especially original content, is a great way to build your brand and increase your follower base.

Create A Group

If you see all of Meed’s different communities but still want something more, feel free to create and manage your own group. Upon creation of your group you will have the ability to edit posts, boost or “upvote” interesting content, “downvote” bad content, or to delete posts that seem inappropriate or irrelevant.

Posting A Job

If, at any point, you are hiring new employees, we make it easy as can be. Simply click “Post Job” and submit your ATS link or enter the job description manually.

Make sure to select the skills you are looking for and which (if not all) universities you are interested in recruiting from.

After that, you’ll be able to manage all of your applicants from the side bar. Feel free to share your job in the most applicable groups to promote it to active users!

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