Jack Campbell — Should A Prosecutor on Probation For Alcohol Abuse Be Allowed To Prosecute Alcohol Related Crimes?

For many years I’ve known along with many other community insiders that Tallahassee Prosecutor Jack Campbell was under sanctions by the Florida Bar Substance Abuse Program while he was prosecuting alcohol related crimes. I’ve hesitated to write a story about this until now because Jack Campbell has been hand selected by his father’s best friend to take over as the new head State Attorney in Tallahassee, Florida…that’s a total nightmare waiting to happen.

As a background to the story, Jack Campbell is the son of the late Tallahassee Sheriff Larry Campbell. Larry’s best friend is the current head State Attorney Willie Meggs. Both Larry and Willie have 2 sons, Jack Campbell and Wylie Meggs.

Sheriff Larry Campbell and State Attorney Willie Meggs have both publicly stated on numerous occasions that they want to have their sons take over their jobs when they retire, except to avoid “nepotism” allegations Wylie Meggs went to work for the Sherriff’s department under Larry Campbell and Jack Campbell went to work at the State Attorney’s office for Willie Meggs… which is “crony nepotism”, the worse kind of nepotism there is.

Here’s where the story gets more interesting. Willie Meggs, a self-renowned teetotaler, was fully aware that Jack Campbell had a serious drinking problem. In fact, Jack’s alcoholism was purportedly so bad that he wasn’t able to get immediately admitted to the Florida Bar after law school in 2001 due to a “delayed admission” penalty by the Florida Bar, which is essentially probation for lawyers.

With full knowledge of this, Willie Meggs hired Jack Campbell just 2 days after Jack completed his bar exam in 2001…a time when Jack was not able to practice as an attorney due to the legal sanction he was under. No one, and I mean no one, gets hired to the State Attorney’s office in Tallahassee just after 2 days after completing the bar exam…unless your the son of Willie Meggs best friend.

Now it wasn’t until 2002 that Jack Campbell was admitted to the Florida Bar, and it is believed that at that time Jack was under a 3–4 year alcohol treatment “probation” program under the Florida Bar.

During those 3–4 years Jack Campbell was prosecuting DUIs and other cases that involved alcohol related crimes. If it were anyone else Willie Meggs would have never let this happen, but this was the son of his best friend and the future of the Tallahassee State Attorney’s office. Crony nepotism at its worst!

What landed Jack on probation with the Florida Bar specifically? It is rumored that part of Jack Campbell’s struggle with alcohol was how his personality changes when he drinks. It is rumored that in the Tallahassee area, during that time period, that there were at least 2 different women that accused Jack of sexual assault. It’s believed that these accusations led to police reports, and it is rumored that these police reports led to the alcohol abuse “probation” that Jack Campbell was placed under in lieu of getting prosecuted for sexual assault…something that can only happen when you are part of the “good ole boy network” with Willie Meggs as your dad’s best friend.

Would you be surprised to know that Willie Meggs announced his retirement as head State Attorney last year and guess who he hand picked to be his successor? That’s right, Willie Meggs hand-picked Jack Campbell to take over the Tallahassee State Attorney’s office.

Next week Jennifer Portman and Skip Foster from the Tallahassee Democrat are interviewing Jack Campbell as part of the election and I adamantly believe the public needs to have the following questions answered, which I will be forwarding to the Tallahassee Democrat along with this article:

1. Please disclose to the public how you were able to get hired in the State Attorney’s office only 2 days after completing the Florida Bar Exam and while you were under probation from the Florida Bar?

2. Isn’t it true that there was at least 1 woman to have accused you of a sex related crime in the past?

3. Do you think it was fair for other law students that were admitted to the bar right away with higher GPAs than you to not get the job you did in the Tallahassee State Attorney’s office…just 2 days after you passed the bar exam? Are you aware that some of these students were black and that both you and Willie Meggs have been accused of being racist/selectively prosecuting blacks in the community?

4. How long was your alcohol treatment program and isn’t it true you were prosecuting criminal defendants for alcohol related crimes while you were on this probation?

5. Do you think that it was fair for those criminal defendants to have a prosecutor that is under an alcohol treatment program and on probation to have been prosecuted by you?

6. How is it that you were able to sweep the allegations of sexual assault under the rug for as long as you have? Was that part of the probation deal that you got with the Florida Bar?

We have the names of the alleged sexual assault victims and are going to see if they will speak to us. They must be terrified that their alleged assailant is trying to get elected to the highest position in law enforcement in Tallahassee, Florida. Many people are afraid of Jack Campbell’s “retribution” style of prosecuting so they have been scared to post this online. The public needs this information and while I too have that fear of being retaliated against, I believe that it is worth the risk to protect the public from the atrocities Jack Campbell will cause if he’s elected to the State Attorney’s office.

Disclaimer: this post is written based on information from 3rd party sources that is believed to be true. Like many others I fear the repurcussions of speaking out against Jack Campbell, but thankfully it’s my right to freedom of speech and the public needed to be made aware of this.