Open Letter to Editors And a Word of Advice to Writers
Mateja Klaric

Mateja, thanks for your thought provoking article. In response to your comment: Many freelance writers still earn decent fees. By decent, I mean per-word rates of $1+, and often much higher. We manage it by involving ourselves in organizations like ASJA, SPJ, NASW, IRE, and others, where we pool knowledge, experience, resources, and results. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel in developing as a freelancer or to accept poverty-level rates. Freelance writers make more money when they organize, share, and teach one another. I’ve been freelancing (articles and books) since 1983, and 2016 was my best year ever. Pitches do make sense, but only (as you point out) when the pay justifies the effort. Set your income goal and *only* accept work that will carry you to it.

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