America the land of not so much law if you are Republican

Flynn resigned because he told the Russians to be patient that the US sanctions will be lifted. That will only happen if the president wants it to and if he is sure it will then Trump is involved. Trump has been talking about how Russia and Putin are not bad, trying to get public opinion of his base to be behind him.

Why is he embracing the enemy?

Putin had the man killed who leaked that Trump would get $10 Billion in Russian oil stocks. That amount of stocks have been transferred to a shell company, i.e. transferred to Trump. Remember, this is in addition to Putin putting money and Russians behind Trumps campaign. Plus leaks that our intelligence agency has warned our allies that if they send secret intel to us it will likely end up in Russia’s ears as well. Finally, more leaks stated that our own intel agencies are limiting secret information to Trump because they do not want it shared with Russia. I only know public information and presume that the intel agencies are privy to much more because the repercussions of this are severe.

Senate majority leader McConnell, doesn’t even want to pursue an investigation into Flynn’s contact with the Russians. However, he is leaning to doing that under duress, but he is seemingly relenting only by limiting the investigation only to Flynn no matter what. Rand Paul summed up Speaker Ryan’s New Unified Republican Party on Fox News when he said “Republicans shouldn’t waste time investigating fellow Republicans!”

Party above the law!

Does sound like a bunch of deplorables!

Now many conservatives, would say the Democrats do the same stuff. That would be wrong. Democrats do and say stupid things, some illegal, like when a president lied about getting his dick sucked to a grand jury and was impeached! But to my knowledge they do not shield a traitor so they can pass their legislative agenda. Even when Democrats controlled congress when Obama was president, the ACA was made into law — the blueprint for it was a Republican healthcare system!