Let’s see, clickbait headline, check.
Gregory Beaver

I agree with 95% of what you say, this is leftist conspiracy theory. As far as right wing people not wanting Russian influence, I think the evangelical position trump has with his supporters does prevent a significant number of these people from ever losing support of trump, no matter what. I think trump joked that he could kill someone and his supporters wouldn’t even skip a beat in their support of him. You can see this from many actions of the Republican Party summed up by Rep. Rand Paul when he said it is a waste of time to investigate one of our own. There is an abundance of evidence on several fronts that the WH is subverting the founding principles of America, Russia is one of them and they are blocking investigation. The first information Nunes got was leaked to him and he immediately ran to Trump with the information, the person he is to be investigating. I think they could find a contract between Trump and Putin signed and there would not be an investigation or impeachment, Rand Paul.

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