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I am not sure who is commenting, but watch out, here are corrections: this is the same piomas volume data from Wikipedia, so I wouldn’t click on that link one comment or supplies, but google and go there directly.

Satellite data started in 1972, but the type of sat. data changed in 79 and not comparable. Newer sat. systems in 2010 also.

Ice that has not melted in 600,000 years is melting, it is not a cyclical event.

The mantle is a heat source, but the problem is that greenhouse gases are altering the heat exchange in the atmosphere, so the planet is warming.

Arctic is currently a greenhouse gas sink, meaning its environment is using more greenhouse gases than it emits. As the arctic melts, the dead frozen muck is uncovered, massive areas of this stuff. As it warms and decomposes, this process emits greenhouse gases. The potential volume of this is incredible and will convert the arctic to a greenhouse gas emitter. This change is the tipping point because we do not possess technology to reverse this effect.

Adaptation of species can occur, but not always, which is a path to extinction. Adaptation is a slow evolutionary process as well. Not like the changes documented over the last several decades that have changed the planet toward a path that is over 600,000 years ago or more since that is the impact on ice being used as an indicator.

Addressing climate change is the type of reason governments are there, regulation across the entire country so the playing field is level and beneficial for all. Since the Russian controlled congress and president are interested in exploitation over protection of the country it will be difficult to work against the federal government to try to mediate climate change.

What is in your control, the most impact one you won’t like in the US, do not have a child. One less 1st world being having a carbon footprint is the largest impact over the longer run. If you want children, adoption is a better route because those Americans are already here.

Immediate things:

1. Cut out eating beef or buying leather products. cow burps are a major source of greenhouse gas in America. They are working on a vaccine, but who knows if making a non-burping cow will lead to other problems. Cut out eating beef and buying leather products can impact the supply chain and reduce the cattle population if it becomes too costly.

2. Energy efficiency. Quickest path is to make your energy usage more efficient, from air conditioner to appliances to light bulbs will reduce energy use and make your utility bill less and led bulbs have come down in price. If you can afford it, buy the most fuel efficient car possible, Tesla model X?

3. Energy improvements. If you can afford to and live in an area where it can work add solar to your roof or a stand alone unit in the backyard. Other types of projects that can make a difference is changing windows to double pane or improving insulation (major project, but adding a living roof is one of the best insulation projects, but expensive.).

4. Don’t go! Co-dependency aside, don’t fly or cruise or drive unless you have to. Consolidate trips to a store and double check so you don’t forget that one thing. Walk or bike if and when you can.