My God, this is obtuse.
James Massey

If a statement is KKK members are worse than murderers, do you not see how that puts murderers in a positive light because it gives an underlying credibility to: murderers are not so bad! Plus, implies that murder shouldn’t even be against the law, so of course murderers must be pretty ok.

Now to make this truly similar to the nazi/Assad statement, add that a reasonable proportion of the audience have had a loved one murdered and the statement was released on the anniversary of the day they were all murdered.

As for the Breitbart comparison, false equivalency is as kind as I can be. Fox News and Breitbart actively support the white supremacist ideology and either deny the holocaust or blame it on Obama.

To be clear, I have no problem with conservative viewpoints, but those outlets and some others are masquerading behind conservatism pushing the twisted hate filled ideology that so many veterans gave their lives combating and are in direct conflict with the founding values of America…well, I hope there is a special place in hell and their journey there is swift.

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