Is Senator John McCain (R-AZ) a hero?

No, he may be the worst of all Republicans.

Sen. McCain has been publicly denouncing Trump. Given Trump’s ridiculing of Sen. McCain it would make sense. It could also make sense because Sen. McCain has oft times broken with Republican issues and went the way he thought was correct, this is not one of those times.

Sen. McCain gave a very presidential apology to Australia after Trump treated them like used Kleenex, rightfully angering the Australians. Recently, McCain addressed a security council meeting in Munich and contradicted many of President Trump’s policies, from Muslim and refugee bans to treatment of our international allies.

I applaud Sen. McCain for his words and thanked him for interceding on behalf of Americans for the behavior of our president with Australia. However, he has quietly been a bobble head doll, voting in favor for whatever the president wants; including legalizing gun ownership for the certifiably crazy, placing a white supremacist as attorney general and voting to gut healthcare.

He has also voiced his disapproval of Trump’s ties with Russia, but has done business as usual in the face of this and the continual funds that are being paid to a sitting president from foreign countries- unconstitutional!

No McCain is the worst of this traitorous bunch of Republicans because he is extorting values of an American all the while quietly abetting the unconstitutional and un-American acts of our government!

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