Making American business rule again!

I saw this story right when it unfolded yesterday and after doing some checking, the only media reporting at that time were a bit sketchy, so I didn’t believe it. The only source reputable at the time reporting this was the Chicago Tribune and I thought they were more likely to have been tricked than this story be real. That is how bad this is!

So, I get that with Delta’s problems it created a situation where those passengers were switching to other airlines to get to their destinations. This placed an unexpected load on many other flights, probably this United flight as well.

Briefly, the flight was full and United needed to transport four of their employees on this flight to connect for other flights they were assigned to work. Passengers were offered perks up to what I presume was the maximum authorized amount in their rules and no paid passengers that were already in their assigned seat would take the offer. United then randomly selected four passengers that it was going to remove from the plane and called the authorities so they were on site in case their assistance was needed. The third passenger selected refused to leave and was drug bodily from the plane (no he was not wearing leggings!).

Predictably, the big business mouthpiece, aka “conservative” media, is defending United Airlines and attacking the passenger. United has the right to refuse service, the passenger was asked to leave and should obey. So the conservative message is all about a compliant society, why do we need the second amendment then? Maybe this is why the two major government gun confiscations were carried out by conservative governments.

The attacking of the passenger is digging up dirt from his past, anything that can be a headline to make him less sympathetic and splashing that across the media. The past is irrelevant for this situation and it is tactically trying to manipulate their audience in favor of United Airlines.

I was an avid viewer of CNBC until they started letting their talking heads support bigotry. There were a couple of issues and then finally one too many for me and I have not tuned them in since. I still rarely, like now come across an article by them that I click on.

I could not believe the headline was for real and it wasn’t as shown being contradicted immediately. The contradiction is confirmed by more quotes from the ex-CEO. CNBC purposefully placed this deceptive headline on the article because as I got to the bottom their was a note saying the headline had been updated since the original release of the article. The ex-CEO’s interview caused more reaction than the immature fiasco he referred to because immediately following his interview the current CEO said he was sorry about the situation and they are investigating. It actually sounded like he hadn’t even heard that there was a problem until this point.

Business has the right to refuse service, however that is not a catch all. This is supposed to reserved for dealing with problems and not of the type where an airline is overbooked, but to protect their place of business from people that make their business a negative experience. Like someone standing up and shouting epithets in the middle of a movie. And yes, the right to remove protesters, but this man was not a protester. He was simply wanting to use the business service he paid for like every other passenger.

Until now, running your business did not mean or grant license for a business in cooperation with airport/municipal authorities to coerce and bully a standard customer. I truly hope that a lawsuit in this case is filed and won by this passenger that has punitive damages in the $100M range because this overreach by all parties must have a strong message sent to all other businesses that tyrannical treatment of customers will not legally be tolerated in spite of the pro-business at any and every cost agenda being implemented by the Republican Party.

I have heard some ask, well what should United have done? This is about transferring four United employees to a connecting flight, what if these people were hit by a bus (an old school entrepreneurial question about how would a startup continue if key people instantly died)? Would United just halt the flights they were supposed to report to, absolutely not! It would call up people who had time off and were local or re-route people from somewhere else to cover. Those backups to keep business going are in place. Worst case scenario is a flight is delayed or cancelled — like this has never happened before? Alternatively, you use business negotiations and continue to offer more incentives to get people to give up their seat, I guarantee somewhere between the $800/seat offer and $10,000/seat you will get four people jumping at that. You run a capitalistic business not a state backed communistic business in America.