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Mullins profited directly from the government program he wants abolished. That is direct. The government contract paid for his workers, their benefits, his overhead, and his profit because it is his company. That is hypocrisy by definition. Bashing a program that you turn around and use for personal benefit his company’s profit is his profit!

And yes, if you were to get an $8000/yr subsidy from the ACA and you railed against it to be shut down you are directly benefitting from what you think should be abolished, that is hypocrisy. There are many people who have lost their healthcare or had it’s price skyrocket in this situation. So, it is now unfortunate that they got what they wished because Trump has killed the mandate, which radically alter the ACA economics. Tennessee is the first state to have zero carriers, so no choice. Other states will be ending up in the same boat if this situation is not fixed.

My Republican Senator is always praising the second amendment, except he is in favor of restricting guns at his workplace, campaign events, etc.. That is smart, but still he is a hypocrite and purposefully doing so to manipulate people to continue supporting him.