Goodbye America
Clare Lee Bogess

Running away is like a protest vote or not voting in protest; the only beneficiary is the winner and they are happy with your decision.

Having said that, I think your points are mostly on point; I have heard people say the same things in regard to “we’ll get through this stuff.” I am unsure simply because the Republican Party is myopically concerned over power and agenda to a point where they do not care about a foreign power colluding with our president and executing tacks to undermine our country at many levels, not just the election, though that alone should be enough. Combine that with the Republican Party controls all the checks and balances and has demonstrated that they have little respect for them as they changed them to fill a Supreme Court seat.

The base writes these concerns off with glib, “another loser complaining” or “leftist lies” when it is not a political ideology that is losing it is America. In fact, I am not certain the polarization can be stopped because any unifying force would come from a Democrat as by action the Republican Party cares not for anything but their own power. The Republican Party mouthpieces from Fox News to bigotbart and the rest will spin lies, half truths and conspiracy theories to undermine any opponent as they did with Obama and Hilary. I want to believe I am wrong.

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