From Russia, With Oil
Yonatan Zunger

Thank you. With all the mis-information out there I had to summarize fact from fiction awhile ago, mainly to make sure I wasn’t going insane. I am not sure that the House intelligence committee is investigating trump at all, it seems the only reason Nunes has done anything was because info was leaked to him, hopefully as bait!

There were a couple of details I had not come across before, but a couple of things missing. Regarding rosneft, I have read articles citing some of the financing by the parties you list, but none of them will confirm $investments or equity and the money trail led back to 100%debt financing from Russian owned bank VBT (from memory so double check bank name). Meaning that the Russian govt bought ownership in a Russian owned bank which speculation seems like laundering mechanic. Further an interview with BP exec who is a member of rosneft board of directors never knew of this transaction until the vote for its approval was put in front of him a few days before the transaction closed. Highly irregular especially for such a large ownership stake.

You also left out the connection between Trump and Alfa bank, two in depth articles from slate on this and also in the dossier except it was spelled alpha bank, which was strange.

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