The entire Russian-Trump recap in 7 surreal points

I like to read conservative news as well as mainstream sources to be as grounded as I can be. Recently, I was wondering if I had lost my mind as I was reading a National Review piece on trump’s ties to Russia. It was laying out how there is no evidence of any connection at all. I kept reading and then it talked about Flynn’s conversation reassuring the Russians that the sanctions will be removed soon. They were not refuting it, just casting it as Flynn essentially going rogue. But the problem is that is still evidence, unless they got info from the FBI or NSA that they knew for certain he acted alone and nope nothing. No mention of many of the pieces of information I knew about as evidence listed at all.

So, National Review is not conservative news it is Republican Party propaganda. However, it made me re-create all the info I had already read on the topic to keep from thinking I was insane. Also remember that this is just one prong of Russia’s attack to destabilize America, they have been busy hacking Yahoo, and promoting state secession. So, here I am detailing the Russian:Trump ties only and if I missed anything please leave it in the comments:

1. Russia hacked the election, it is clear, every intel agency agrees case closed. Here is a good overview read.

2. The famous golden showers dossier was compiled in June 2016. It looks like the golden showers thing is true, but I could care less except that it adds credibility to the other, more concerning issues. If trump is a kinky, adulterer that has no effect on me and it is of no relation to his role as President, except on his personal character, which unlike other politicians that try to look like they are decent human beings, Trump doesn’t care and he is not.

More concerning in the dossier were the many connections between Trump’s inner circle and key Russians, a potential financing link between alpha bank (actually spelled Alfa in the dossier), owner transfer of 19% of a Russian owned oil company, rosneft to Trump, aid for winning the election, in exchange for letting Russia have the Ukraine and removal of sanctions.

The tampering with the election proved true. Some of the meetings proved true including the one between Page and Sechin, but whether it will ever be independently verified that they discussed the transfer of 19% ownership of Rosneft is doubtful. However, 6 months after the dossier, 19.5% ownership in Rosneft was transferred, supposedly to Qatar and Singapore, but the financial records and players in this refuse to confirm any ownership in Rosneft. As pointed out elsewhere 19.5% ownership transfer is really close to 19% plus a commission. The financial ownership is also murky because the 2nd largest Russian owned bank actually loaned 100% of the money for this transaction so, neither Singapore nor Qatar may have actually put any money into this transaction. Finally, a shell company in the Cayman islands has ownership of the stock, so is that Trump? Finally, it was a surprise to the board members of Rosneft that Russia had sold a 19.5% stake. For a board member to not know that a deal of this size was happening is unheard of, even with a state controlled company like Rosneft. Without all the other evidence, I would not extrapolate this to being a transfer to Trump, but with all the other evidence…

3. Ukraine. Trump, prior to the election influenced the Republican Party’s platform to include an anti-Ukraine policy.

Speaking of Ukraine, we find out that Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager and strategist was owed $12.7M from the pro-Russian Ukrainian government, which was illegal, off-the-books payment funds to him and others for altering the Ukrainian election! Yes, it seems that there is not an election anywhere that Russia is not trying to fix.

4. WH contact with Russians. Russian intel agents are in constant contact with the Trump campaign, including with, Attorney General Sessions.

Trump had (has?) a direct server link to Alfa bank. This type of link is a highly secure, secretive link that is also a really bizarre configuration, like organized crime setting up an operation. Because of the setup, it is unknown whether money was transferred, but remember it is a Russian bank, so….

Slate broke this story, and a bunch of tech people said there are other possible interpretations, slate wrote a follow up to address this because they wanted to make sure what they were conveying was right and essentially pointed out that those other interpretations are possible, but for a whole bunch of reasons are not right or likely depending on the specific point.

Flynn tells Russian ambassador not to worry the sanctions will be removed soon, president has to remove sanctions.

Sec. of State Tillerson goes to Russia on the day Comey testifies that Russia tampered with the US election.

5. Republicans refuse to investigate Trump’s Russian ties for months as they are too busy with their political agenda to be concerned about a president that by all accounts is a traitor. Some of this is approving Trump’s appointments, someone who is working on behalf of Russia and the Republican Party approves about everyone Trump puts forward, even ones that were caught blatantly lying in the Q&A periods. Some of the Republican Party flat out refuse to investigate one of their own. Placing Republican Party ideology over America’s interests, defines a traitor.

Attorney General Sessions recuses himself from any investigation (as if a serious one will happen anyway!) because he said he didn’t speak to the Russians, which was a lie as proof surfaced. Then said he did, just didn’t remember but that it was routine government business as a Senator. Another lie because he used Trump campaign funds to pay for the visit back when he was actively working for Trump’s campaign. He was still a Senator while doing this too, so this was a misuse of funds, but that is ok the US Attorney General can’t be expected to obey all the laws!

Rep. Chaffetz openly said he was not going to investigate as chair of the primary oversight committee. Rep. Nunes gets classified information as chair of the House intelligence committee and immediately gives it to Trump and makes the info public in a press conference.

I got a reply from my Republican Representative that said “I have seen no evidence uncovered by congress to indicate that POTUS has done anything wrong.” Because he and the Republican Party is actively avoiding investigating, so nothing is coming to Congressional attention!

6. US Intel agencies don’t sign on to partisan politics as job 1! Intel agencies contact US allies and tell them to screen their intelligence as information conveyed to POTUS will become known by Russia. Further, intel agencies say Russia has compromising information on POTUS.

Intel agencies declare that they are keeping certain classified information from POTUS that they do not want known by Russia. Right here is full stop! This statement alone either represents that the intel agencies have gone rogue and are traitors or POTUS is a traitor, there is no other possibility. All the evidence is against POTUS.

Intel Agencies have been and are continuing to investigate Trump’s ties with Russia, pre- and post- campaign. So, not ordered by Obama, but I hope because of the active investigations, the intel agencies are all recording calls POTUS and everyone surrounding him are involved in!

7. President Trump fires Comey to stop Russian investigation! FBI director James Comey states that the probe into WH ties with Russia is accelerating.

President Trump invites Comey to dinner where he asks him, “I don’t know if you can tell me, but are you investigating me?” Comey tells him “no, he is not under investigation.” Whether that is to keep Trump at ease or he is not at this time under investigation was unclear. I know in America, innocent until proven guilty, but does an innocent man do this?

President Trump fires Comey. The reason was changing as originally it was because of a memorandum that the new deputy attorney general sent to the Attorney General Sessions outlining Comey’s improper handling of the Clinton public email server. From this, Sessions drafted a recommendation to Trump and from that Trump sent a letter to Comey that he was fired. This whole process happened in the same day. A day that Comey was on the West coast briefing agents there. Who requested the memorandum? AG Sessions who recused himself of everything involving Russia?

The only thing in Trump’s termination letter to Comey speaks about the Russian investigation. Trump says he fired Comey over the Russian investigation as “the Trump Russia thing, it is fake news made up by Democrats because they lost an election they should have won.” Yes, Trump refers to himself in the 3rd person!

Fox News states Comey resigns.

The New Republic states that if the GOP stays loyal to Trump that this will not unravel like watergate resulting in a failed presidency.

Traitor defined: a person who betrays a friend, country, principle.

Conclusion: Trump, the Republican Party, and their mouthpiece media outlets are Traitors to America and are duping conservatives.

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