You libs ride around with those idiotic “coexist” stickers on your cars, yet you are the most…
Phil Wetzel

Yes I am now a liberal, but no coexist sticker. Trump is an outright traitor, selling American to Russia for Trump personally getting $10 Billion in a Russian oil company’s stock from Putin. The vetted public info makes this clear and apparently the non-public intel is so bad the President is not getting classified info because those agencies don’t want the intel shared with Russia. Flynn is trying to be made a fall guy because he was just assuring the Russians that the president is going to be removing sanctions from them soon. This is not about liberal/conservative. This is about an American traitor and the Republican Party acting as co-conspirators by ignoring it.

Beyond this it is about an administration be run by white supremacists, but perhaps that is your ideology and you do not support freedom and equality for all Americans like I and others who are speaking out do!