A Disaster In The Making: The Long-Term Consequences Of Russia Hysteria
Michael Tracey

You are blaming the victim and being obtuse!

The evidence known publicly is sufficient to condemn Trump, but setting that aside for the moment. The democrats can not do anything in congress except protest as the Republic Party is marching in lock step on their shoot, ready, aim agenda. So, arguing that democrats should have asked substantive questions of Sessions when he was being appointed as an open white supremacist to the office of Attorney General is pointless on having any effects.

Next, the Republican Party is by definition all traitors because they are supporting the Russia-trump relationship by blocking serious investigations into this matter which has been warranted for months of that step because this is NOT a political issue, it is an issue of America and a foreign power, enemy foreign power at that potentially buying POTUS or using whatever it is that the intelligence agencies cite as Russia have leverage that compromises POTUS.

As for Wikileaks, they are posting the selective information released to it by Russian intel.

Yes, for political issues I think the Republican Party and its supporters have duped conservatives to get where they are. I disagree with the ‘solutions’ being provided because things like clean air, water, healthcare are better regulated at a national level. That can be a political debate though.

A president making decisions that subvert the constitution for his personal gain are not an ideological issue, they are an American issue because this issue is in direct conflict with the founding principles. A Republican Party and its supporters placing an agenda above defending the founding principles, likewise is not an ideological issue as defined by traitor, to betray one’s country and that is what is happening independent at this point of whether trump is innocent or guilty!

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