Revealed: the TRUTH behind the moon landing and 9/11 conspiracies
University of Cambridge

You have muddled points together to force through a story. Yes neurology is wired for story, which can be fantastical and usually is, otherwise it is usually not a good story.

However, skeptical thought and Occam’s razor are not stressed and taught enough is the core problem. Patient O has nothing to do with anything, except that the narrative was incorrect because more data was found and the inaccuracy of one small part of an epidemic was corrected. Comparing an epidemic that has data behind it to pizzagate, which doesn’t, is what you are blurring together. Without concrete data, Occam’s razor eliminates pizzagate as nothing more than a hoax. If evidence were to be uncovered that affects that decision then and only then need it be reanalyzed.

Is it difficult to, can you be fooled, especially when it is something you want to believe, hell yes! However that is personal responsibility and growth. Is this why Cambridge tuition is so high, very disappointing.