7 Should-Have Furniture Items in a New House

Setting up new house is no mean easy, particularly with regards to purchasing a long list of furniture items for the house. It’s important to separate the other expenses from the must have furniture items for the new house, otherwise important furniture items may be neglected due to budget constraints later.

Here’s the list of 7 must-have furniture items for your new house:

1. Modular Kitchen: Any house in incomplete without modular kitchen in this modern era. Modular kitchen is a one-time investment when it comes to prize involved in setting up the kitchen in a new house. It is the most important areas in a residential house where women of the house mostly occupy it to cook food for the complete family 3 times a day mostly. Kitchen of any house is considered as the heart of the house, so it is important to take special care for it when setting up the kitchen in new house with modern techniques which help in minimizing the efforts on the kitchen, which can be done by setting up a modular kitchen.

2. A superb bed: Investing in a top notch superb bed is a smart move. You should ensure that your bed is tough and strong, comforting to use, appear soothing to eyes, and should be durable enough to at-least serve you for 10 years without any issues.

3. Stools and side tables: Your home will require a lot of stools and side tables in the dining room, in the kitchen, in the balcony, in the vanity area and pretty much wherever else in the house. So try to make sure to have some attractive and beautiful stools and side tables in the house.

4. The Dining Table and Dining Chairs: Similar to your bed, dining table and dining chairs are meant to be there for long term in your house. They can also be used as working desk when not in use for taking food. Round dining table or a portable one could be used if one is short on space. They should also be maintained and protected for long term services.

5. A Sofa Set: A Sofa Set in the most important furniture item for living room in any house. It is the place where visitors or guests who visits the house are usually seated. It should look attractive and be durable enough to be in good shape and appearance in the long run. A sofa cum-bed is also an awesome multipurpose furniture item that can be installed in your living room that can be moved into the visitor room or somewhere else when you have guests in your house. It is a great way to save few bucks as well.

6. A number of Drawers: One can never go wrong with a number of drawers in the house. They are wonderful household items that can increase your storage unit many folds. One could use them for storing garments, stationery, jewellery to cutlery and bath linen.

A Study Table: Study table is a crucial part of any house as it can be used by the children of the house to work on their academic studies and other than that working adults could also utilize it for their office/Business work. It a must have furniture item in this modern era to have.