HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the technology using to transfer information across the web. With HTTP alone a person would have to fully refresh a browser page in order to make changes to it. AJAX or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML allows changes to be made in the browser without the page fully refreshing or with just part of the page refreshing which makes pages easier to update with new information.

In order to retrieve information from Spotify using jOery’s AJAX method I would use jQuery.get(). Using this method will make a call to Spotify’s API to retrieve certain information to be displayed on the web page.

Promises in Javacript do the same thing as event listeners except in a more organized way. Event listeners don’t wait for things to excute before executing. With promises once something has succeeded the correct callback will be called back no matter how long ago the event took place. With promises you react to an outcome as oppossed to waiting for an exact timing of something to become available.

REST is a set of design principles that guide programmers with how to implement code into a website. It is incredibly powerful because it helps programmers build interfaces that can be used for almost any device and platform.

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