12 Reasons Why EDM RANKS is The Best EDM Charts Website

Music is one of the greatest things that has the power to make your mind fresh and active. There are different types of music all over the world. EDM or electronic dance music is one of them. In each month, you will see different EDM songs and music are always being released.

If you are a crazy fan of EDM music, most probably regularly you search for Top EDM Songs and EDM Charts. There are different websites on the web that make a top chart based on various factors. But among all those sites, EDM RANKS is the best. There are several reasons why this is the best site.

1. Easy Navigation

It is easy to use this website for different charts and different news without any hassle. No matter if you are a novice user of the website, you will find everything without wasting time. There are different navigations to make it easy.

2. Different Categories

When you are looking for a top chart of EDM, you also need to know some other facts about this field. That is why EDM ranks have different categories. Based on your necessity, you will find verities of news on this website. You can see the list of top artists and top songs on the website.

3. Easy to Make an Account

Though you can read all news and you can also see top charts without becoming a member of the website, but you can also become a member for contribution. It is easy and simple to make an account with EDM ranks. Just fill the necessary information and become a member of the site for more fun.

4. You Can Share Content

EDM ranks are not only for finding top charts but here you can also share your music files. You can upload songs, videos or pictures to this site. Just upload the file on the site, and give a description, you are done. You can also share your songs from Soundcloud, Youtube, Mixcloud and more and promote your 3rd part websites as well.

5. Latest Chart

EDM RANKS has real time EDM rankings for both Top songs and DJs. Unlike other EDM Charts that need to be updated EDM ranks charts are updated in real time as users listen to songs and rate them, and vote for artists.

6. Critics’ Choice

EDM ranks are not like most of the sites where they collect the date from the web and make a chart. Here you will see the top chart based on the critics’ choice and user voting. That mean, with the website, you will get a reliable data which is not possible with most of the other websites.

7. User Voting

Do you want to see your favorite music in the top chart of EDM ranks? Is it possible to give your vote? Yes, EDM ranks have created a user based system where every member can give their valuable vote for their favorite music. You can give the vote for both top EDM artists and DJs and Top EDM songs.

8. Credit System

You can update your stats on the website with credits. Each time when you want to update the status, you need to use five credits. Credit can be earned by participating on EDM RANKS socially or free.

9. FAQ

Getting confused about the using process of the site? No issues. There is a FAQ section on the website to know in detail about everything.

10. Social Integration

EDM RANKS comes with the social integration feature. So, whenever you want to share something interesting from the site, you can do it directly. There is no need of additional things to share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social sites.

11. Blog Section

With the top chart of Electronic Dancing music and top artist, here you can also learn about the industry. There is a blog section on the site where you will find what people are thinking about music. Also, it will let you know what is trending currently and the upcoming events, etc.

12. Mobile Ready

No need to visit the site with your PC every time. It is a mobile friendly site, and you can visit it from anywhere on your phone.

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