An In-Depth Review Of The Lead Digital Music Marketing Company | RAZR Music

RAZRmusic was founded in 2014 on the idea that musicians can successfully outshine their competitors with a strong direct to fan marketing strategy. They provide upcoming music artists and bands with expert digital marketing and proven results.

RAZRmusic clients have reportedly seen results that are more organic than most PR/Music Promotion companies. The main focus of a RAZR campaign revolves around gaining organic traffic and targeted potential fan leads.

RAZR clients are guaranteed advertised results or their money back. Their marketing campaigns are adaptable to every genre. RAZR has catapulted to the top digital marketing agency within 4 years by focusing on organic results.

Some of their most notable campaigns are featured below:


When the Dutch duo of DJ’s needed some assistance with creating an organic marketing campaign they called RAZR. It didn’t take much for ‘Rocket’ to reach #1 on beatport & it now has over 2 million views.

Pushing the iconic drop to influencers for popular internet videos and memes lead to over 100,000 views accumulated within the first two weeks.

Bobby Shmurda:

At a time when the south was running the hip-hop genre relentlessly, an unlikely factor put New York City back in the mix with one hit song. RAZR assisted Bobby by providing a campaign in the early stages of the hit single ‘Hot N*gga’. At the time the song only had around 3,000 views, within the first two weeks of the campaign it reached over 50,000+ views.

RAZR helped create a powerhouse marketing campaign for one of the hottest songs in 2014. This song created an undeniable buzz on the internet which leads to a strong radio campaign. Today ‘Hot N*gga’ has accumulated over 400 Million views.


The New Orleans rap legend needed a reintroduction in to the rap game in the year 2015. ‘Feel Right’ was an international success which peaked at 35 on the US billboard charts.

The campaign designed around the hit single was tailored towards pushing the melodic driven track on social media. Once it hit the internet the wave of critics praised the track leading to its success.

How It Works (In-Depth)

Integration and Innovation are the 2 key factors to choose RAZR for your music marketing needs. The ability to integrate campaigns into platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube for advertising campaigns is a huge bonus.

Instead of emailing thousands of blogs and radio stations in hopes for placements, RAZR utilizes media buying to advertise clients on the most relevant websites. By creating a visually appealing advertisement clients have reported engagement jumps over 300% within the first two weeks. While the advertisements bring in relevant traffic they also build each client an opt-in email list.

This comes in handy once the campaign is over because clients can cross-promote to potential fans for future releases. While the email and media advertisements build organic hype, RAZRmusic starts to target relevant blogs and radio stations for placements within their vast network.

If the blog or radio station has influence within the music industry it is definitely a part of RAZR’s fast-growing network. Once the media outlets see the amount of organic interaction RAZR clients have gained they tend to showcase the clients.

RAZR is playing a dangerous game by making the blogs and radio stations feel late to the party but it has paid off for their reputation. Reporting is delivered weekly & includes a new mailing list each week of the campaign.

Using innovative techniques to help musicians grow has put RAZRmusic in the spotlight; they won’t be going anywhere.

Other music promotion and PR companies can guarantee views and blog posts but the only company that can deliver potential long terms fans is RAZRmusic.