Jon Gursha hits it Big with Silicon Beach Film Festival

Hey, are you waiting for the biggest film festival ? Then you will be glad to know that the Silicon Beach Film Festival is coming. This is going to held in April 21–28th 10am-Midnight! Yes, you can enjoy the film festival in this month.

Jon Gursha is the person who has arranged this film festival. He already has organized different film festivals in various places. He is currently running a film marketing company on the Westside of Los Angeles.

As he worked for ten years in the movie distribution section, so he knows what are needed for a successful film festival. So, you can expect a great film festival in Silicon Beach.

Silicon Beach Film Festival will rock for sure. There are so many events will be held in this film festival. And the place Silicon Beach is famous for different film studios and filmmaking companies.

This festival will continue for one week. Festival Programmer Peter Greene said, “There should be something for everyone.” In this film festival, several filmmakers, artists, innovators will come. There will be some Oscar winning actors too.

If you are a movie maker, you should apparently participate in the festival. There is both international and local film exposure facility. If you are a film lover, you should visit this festival to watch a different type of movies and meet with some superstars.

Jon Gursha, the director of this Film Festival, has already arranged The Marina Del Rey Film Festival the Culver City Film Festival, and Playa Vista Film Festivals.

So, you can expect some amazing things in the festival for sure. The best part of the festival is, you can come in it at any time. As it will continue up to midnight. Want to hang out with your movie lover friends? Then just visit the festival in the night and enjoy the festival.

There is a list of some amazing movies which you can enjoy in this festival. Here, you will enjoy more than a cinema hall for sure. This is the best chance to enjoy your favorite movie with your favorite actors and actress.

So, are you interested to enjoy the festival? Then make sure that you have purchased the ticket from the official site.

There are different arrangements for the audience. Just book your ticket and ensure you are not missing this great event. Also, let your friends know about the festival.

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