New Children’s Book ‘Regulus’ Taking Readers by Surprise as June Debut Draws Near

The offerings available for children in the fiction genre are pretty much uniformly bad. Most authors don’t realize that children deserve high quality stories with engaging characters and beautiful artwork. Aaron Ozee, the acclaimed author of the hit children’s book My Darling Child Shiloh, has been doing his best to subvert expectations. Ozee is back with his latest and most hyped release — Regulus. The buzz going around the web is that Regulus is going to be one of the greatest books to hit the shelves this summer and will leave readers with quite an impression.

Regulus started out as another great poem for Ozee before he came to the stunning realization: this was a full-fledged tale and it deserved treatment as such. Regulus is a charming tale that blends a magical world with inviting characters in order to entertain and wow readers at home. The story follows three little mice that represent life’s joy and a larger, more imposing figure, by the name of Regulus. Regulus is an incredible character and one that children will most certainly remember. He embodies some of the darkest moments of our past and is surely a rare character archetype for children’s fiction. Even though this story has ostensibly been written for children it has been found to hit the mark for older readers as well.

Aaron Ozee is a lifelong creator. Ozee began writing short stories when he was just five years old and his passion was evident from the beginning. Ozee would go on to release his first book, Celestial Inferno: Poems of Another Realm, as he turned 15 years old. Now, Aaron Ozee has a library of 11 published works with Regulus being his newest addition. Over the years Ozee has shown that he is as passionate as he is prolific. Ozee has already racked up several world records with the most prominent title being, ‘Most Books Published by a Teenager.’ Ozee’s collection is only going to become more impressive with another critically acclaimed children’s book coming to the marketplace and is definitely greater than just an ordinary book. It’s something magical.

What makes Aaron Ozee such a creative author is that he is willing to expand his story into multiple formats. My Darling Child Shiloh was transformed into an animated short film that racked up over 100,000 views worldwide. Ozee worked closely with quite the iconic stop motion photographer named Martyna Koleniec in order to make My Darling Child Shiloh a reality. Ozee has committed to revisiting the format as well as doubling down on that relationship in order to bring Regulus to life with luscious and beautiful Claymation methods. The animated version of Regulus will release in lockstep with the print version of the book and will leave fans enamored.

Parents at home should get ready to go shopping as Regulus hits the shelves on June 24, 2017 which is just a couple of days away. Regulus will be released via Lulu Press and Smashwords in print and eBook format. Right now, projections show Regulus hitting over 1,000 sales within the first 90 days considering how widely accepted Shiloh, Ozee’s first children’s book, had become. After this sales run Ozee is expected to partner up with Ingram Book Company in order to get a global distribution deal in place. Once Ozee secures an affirmed line of distribution, fans at home will be able to purchase Regulus from the largest booksellers in the world. But, for those of you wanting to skip the madness and reserve your personal copy now, visit

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