ParaDon Books Publishing to the rescue of Future Authors

Getting your manuscript published can often be a challenge, especially for new writers. But, my anxieties about publishing came to an end when I came across ParaDon Books Publishing who is claiming to be the most responsive book publishing website in the world.

After a few browsing of the website, I found the claim to be true. ParaDon Books is a new, growing, publishing company with a website that enables writers to compose, collaborate, design, and blog about their stories, effectively.

This dynamic publishing network systematically assigns writers their own editor, marketers to blog about the author’s book(s), and a graphic designer that’ll illustrative the perfect cover-art for your book.

Not bad at all. So I gave it a try, and create an account, or two, or three.

Creating a professional account (for a writer, editor, designer, marketer, and commoner) on the directories is easy as 1–2–3, and each network function perfectly for what they are designed for.

Writers like myself can access, compose, and edit their stories on the go right from their mobile devices if they install the ParaDon Books mobile-apps that are publicly available on GooglePlay, iTunes, and Windows App.

The best part of this publishing enterprise is the personalized attention that they give their authors. I was delighted to get my own editor, even though I’ve never worked with one.

And a staff was able to schedule a live-video-chat (via the ParaDon Books video streaming network, for my editor and I to discuss my manuscript.

In addition to that, ParaDon Books Publishing also promised me three bloggers that will market my book to broader audience once I am published.

Sample Author’s Dashboard

I received my writing-hub’s account — just as the one shown above — a few days after I received an acceptance letter following my query letter. From the snapshots, you can see that authors are allow to save, edit, delete, and export their manuscript/book into a publishable ePub and PDF format.

The proficiency of Paradon Books Publishing professional staffs and website automations are very impressive. In the acceptance letter that i received, the publisher advice me to polish my story with their writing-hub, to make sure it’s at its best, and then re-submit it to their digital slush-pile where my assigned editor will pick it up, and the reviewing will commence.

Their publishing process is as followed:

An introductory letter:

The writer is expected to write a clear and concise message to the publisher, via This letter should include intriguing details about the story, and the writer, along with his or her credentials and previously published stories (if any). Remember, the editors will be judging your writing, query included, before they decide to take on your project, if they do at all. So, your query letter is crucial to the publisher’s decision of choosing your book for publishing and creating an Author’s account for you. If you did not get a response, you may proceed to the second step of submitting sample chapters via the editors’ network,

Nature of submission

ParaDon Books Publishing accepts manuscript submission in PDF format, to include the first 50 pages of a completed manuscript along with your professional credentials and notable mentions. Your book category should match one of the followings:

• Horror

• Science fiction

• Mystery

• Suspense / Thriller

• Hardboiled

• Romance

• Fantasy

• Urban fiction

• Young adult

• Memoir

• Historic

• True Crime

  • Western African

Sample contract and conversion of submissions:

Once a manuscript has cleared the reading test and is accepted by an editor, ParaDon Books will offer you a book contract, with no advance, to assure the completeness of your book. Your story will then be converted into e-book and audiobook formats.

Creating Public and Private Profile:

Every writer at ParaDon Books are urged to create a social media account via This is where your editor (who are also members) will find you, befriend you, and collaborate with you on needed bases. The Authors-Editors relation network ( is for designed writers to submit their proposal directly to the digital slush-pile, and for new editors to apply for a position in the company.

Determination of Advance payment and hardcover publishing:

The published title is made available throughout all distribution networks of the company for a period of 6 months. These networks include Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Audible, iBooks, PlayBooks etc.

The title will get a rating based on the progress of continuous sales, and, if determined, the author will be offered an advance payment for the hardcover and paperback production of their title.

Resubmissions, if required:

The company reserves rights to reject proposals that are unfit. However, it is always open for re-submissions.

A tip for prospective authors: “Make sure ensure that your story is well edited, the prose follow an intriguing plot, dialogues are catchy, with at least one unforgettable character.”