Perfect Workout Plans for Your Great Body

Almost everyone says they want a great body, they make resolutions but in the end nothing comes out of it. They don’t have the time or space or the equipment. If somebody wants a really lean, defined body that will turn heads, they will have up off the couch. Here we have 3 workout that will need a small amount of time, no equipment and you.

 Whenever Professional physique models, actors, and bodybuilders need to get in shape and get built, they turn to Sagi Kalev for his proven body-transforming training methods. He is the people seek out when they need to burn fat and build muscle and they pay thousands for it; But you won’t have to pay thousands because he put it in a box.
 YES, you can get built like a beast at home quite easily now with this workout. This workout will get you

A narrow waist, shredded physique, sexy, contoured muscles, basically the perfect beach body!

Body Beast workout transformation is pure science. According to the program the training schedule is 6 days a week for 12 weeks, which is then further broken down to 3 blocks. The three blocks are Build, Bulk, and Beast. The first 3 weeks are dedicated to the build block. The next 5 weeks is the bulk block, and the Beast block is the last 4 weeks. Every workout, meal and every rep in is laser-focused on using the latest exercise science and workout techniques. Custom meal plans, recipes, and easy-to-make power shakes that build lean muscle and burn fat fast, are a focus of this workout, so you can forget calorie-counting and just concentrate on your body.
 Results may vary depending on your starting point, goals, and effort.

This program is basically old school weight lifting techniques with new school body building techniques. People who try to get ripped using weights and put on mass, do not have any direction. Beast body workout is laser focused. You just have to follow the Body Beast Workout Calendar and Body Beast Eating Plan. Body beast workout calendar will show you what workout you have to do 6 days a week. The workouts will be less than one hour and designed to get the most out of each session.


Quite unlike basic ab exercises, all the moves in CORE DE FORCE are “rotational”. Every second you work out your core from 360 degrees which in the end helps tighten the midsection and trim off belly fat fast. You don’t need to slave away the entire day or hours! It just takes 3 hard minutes, at a time! All you have to do is take each round 3 minutes at a time, then advance to 6 rounds then to 9 rounds and then to 12 rounds — burning more and more fat as you advance. In 30 days you will have a knockout body.
 We are talking 30 days of mixed martial arts-inspired workouts designed to melt off inches off the waist, belly fat, and sculpt a defined body, and yes, there is no equipment needed.
 It will just be 3-minute “rounds” in which you will have to alternate between various fighting combinations with bodyweight moves and cardio spikes to kick the calorie burn into overdrive. No matter what anyone’s fitness level is, they can punch, kick, and move at their own pace.

The body is the only weapon you will need to fight during the hard workout. It is designed for anyone who wants to get their midsection back in shape, carve a stronger core, and sculpt a defined body. The workouts are somewhere between 30–45 minutes. It will be one workout a day, seven days a week for 30 days and every seventh day will be an active recovery day.

Here is a list of What all of it will include

· MMA Speed Upper body and core-focused

· MMA Shred Muay Thai-inspired elbows and kicks

· MMA Power fast-paced cardio conditioning workout

· MMA Plyo Boxing, Muay Thai and plyometrics

· Power Sculpt A total-body burnerc

· Dynamic Strength no-equipment, bodyweight throwdown

· Active Recovery Recharge for the week ahead (rest day).

· CORE DE FORCE Relief 5-minute session before bed to help relieve tight and tired muscles

· Core Kinetics unique MMA-inspired moves

· 5 Min Core On the Floor The ultimate core finisher-5 challenging plank movements

T25 Workout

If you already have a working out and are in search of something new and different, then the T25 program is certainly for you. Just remember that this is a difficult workout and you may not be able to keep up at first.

If aerobic exercise has been a part of your diabetes treatment plan, the T25 program will give you 25 minutes a day of a very intense workout. It helps build muscles that will use your blood sugar more efficiently than fat. More muscles mean more energy burn and this will help drive your blood sugar level down.

T25 can help those with heart disease such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol lose weight. All the aerobic workouts will have to be cleared by a doctor.

Focus T25 is a DVD workout series from Shaun T, the creator of the Insanity video workout series. The T25 program is an intense full-body routine, quite similar to Insanity or P90X. The T25 carries all the benefits of a full-length program in just 25 minutes a day for all of those who are unable to spare 45 minutes or an hour at a time to work out.

The Focus T25 program consists of 10 different 25-minute workouts. The Alpha phase, includes five workouts:

· Cardio

· Speed 1.0

· Total body circuit

· Ab intervals

· Lower focus

One workout a day for 4 days, and two workouts on the 5th day, then you skip a day and do a stretching video on the 7th day.

For another 5 weeks, you have to switch to the more challenging Beta phase. It includes another set of five 25-minute workouts:

· Core cardio

· Speed 2.0

· Rip’t circuit

· Dynamic core

· Upper focus

In each video, Shaun focuses on only one area of the body at a time for about 1 minute each until the body part is fatigued, then you move on to another area.

The program also features a recommended diet to help lose weight faster. Keep in mind that the Focus T25 is not for weak-hearted. It is an intense, high-impact workout that will keep your energy and focus burning for the complete 25 minutes. Every major muscle group, one after another, will get a workout without any breaks. Be warned that even experienced exercisers find themselves running short of breath.

Targeted Areas

Core: The cardio segments are to burn fat throughout the body and will include some core exercises. An entire Ab Intervals DVD devoted to strengthening the abdominal muscles is also available.

Arms: Many of the routines in the Alpha phase of the workout are focused upon the lower-body, arm workout exercises like burpees and planks, where you have to support the full body weight on the hands.

Legs: The workouts also include a fast-paced variety of squats, jumps, kicks, lunges, and jumping jacks, which work the legs from every angle possible.

Glutes: Lunges, deadlifts, and squats all work those back-end muscles.

Back: The Ab Intervals DVD in the Alpha phase also includes exercises for the back. The Upper Focus DVD in the Beta phase works the back, too.

Types of Exercise

Flexibility: Each workout will feature a stretch before and after the main fitness program. You can also find a separate stretching video that you can do once a week.

Aerobic: This is an intense, high-impact, high-energy cardio workout that will really make you sweat!

Strength: Although the workouts do not include hand weights, you will have to use your own body weight to build strength.