Top Quality Mixing and Mastering with Michael Cushion Jr

Looking for the best quality mixing and mastering services? Then you are in the right place. We are giving the top-notch mastering and mixing services for a long time. We are in this industry for 7 years.

So, we clearly know what a client want from us. We are giving our service for 100+ countries. In Mikes Mix & Master, we use the latest technology to make sure the highest quality of the mixing and mastering. The owner of the company is Michael Cushion Jr.

There are so many businesses in online with a different type of services, but most of them are high priced. That means you need to spend a good amount of money for the service.

But we are exceptional at this point. We are giving the service with a competitive price. That is the main reason for our success. We are getting tons of clients, and there are no complaints from our existing customers.

Though our price and rate are not high like the other companies, we don’t compromise with the quality. We have arranged all the newer instruments to make sure our work becomes world class.

Michael Cushion has transitioned to completely in the box. The main set up of our studio is High-end Mac, SSL Nucleus and three sets of monitors. Though the magic is not in the instruments, it mainly depends on the engineer. You will get the quality work because it will be done by Mike.

No matter what kind of sound mixing needed for you, we have the technology to provide the best service. From mixing to mastering, the full mixing work observes by Michael Cushion Jr. Some of the clients who has taken our services are Bobby V, Merk, Kevin, Styles P, Fortafy and much more. Our clients are highly satisfied with our quality. You can read some testimonials from the real clients in the testimonial section.

Who is Michael Cushion Jr?

Michael Cushion Jr is one of the legends in the field of sound engineering. People mainly call him Mike. He had started when there were no digital instruments for mixing and mastering. His mother is a DJ, and his father is in a band. He began to making music when he was only 13.

Making music is a passion of him. He loves to do different experiments to make the works unique. His starting was with a tape recorder. In 2016, he has fully moved to the digital set up. Now he is using all the latest technologies for the mixing and mastering work. Mike is a master in his profession. Some of the news media already have published an interview with him. He has his studio and most of the time he spends in this studio.



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