Medium Mondays: How To Find Your Bliss: What Are You Choosing Now?

The quality of your life is largely determined by the questions you ask.

Every year I take on a question to live into, to create an inquiry for my life, a frame for the year. This year, my question has been, “Where’s my bliss?” The question stems from my teaching regarding elevation of consciousness: as we grow in consciousness we are able to live at higher levels of experience, moving from difficulty, survival and stress into the peacefulness, contentment, happiness, contribution and meaning. At the highest levels of consciousness, one lives in unconditional joy, love, acceptance and yes — bliss! It was clear to me that while I certainly have shifted into living in peaceful contentment (for the most part!), I have no ongoing access to living in bliss. Sure, I have blissful moments and joyful times, but I am talking about the ongoing experience of beauty, magic and bliss. I wanted to know that experience and as a consciousness teacher, I knew it was my next area for growth.

Last week, I had lunch with a dear friend of mine, someone that I don’t see often enough, but one of those friends that despite how many years go by without contact, when we sit down together, we pick up as if it were only yesterday that we had our last conversation. (Don’t you love those kinds of friends!?). My friend, Judy Habib, is a committed student of transformation. She is committed to living a life beyond the ordinary, devotes time every year to her growth and development. I spent some time telling Judy about my question for the year and she, in her unending wisdom, said, “Well maybe THIS is your bliss!” I looked at her perplexed and she continued, “Isn’t living in any state more about declaring it and then finding it in your life rather than spending your energy in an endless search for it to emerge?”

I was floored. She was absolutely right. My being, my consciousness begins with a declaration, and then I must go forth and create myself as a person who embodies that state. This is true for us all. So since that conversation last week I have taken that declaration into everything I do. I stood watching my son play indoor soccer declaring, “This is my bliss!” and when I was skiing on pristine slopes on a warm, blue-sky winter day I was present to “This is my bliss!” This morning as I was sitting in a coffee shop, writing this blog post, a 79-year-old man sat down next to me and started to chat. Without a second thought, rather than keeping my gaze semi-fixed on my computer screen, giving the non-verbal message, “Look buddy, I’ve got things to do” I pushed the computer across my table, pulled my coffee cup closer to me, turned to face him, making eye contact and fully engaging with this wonderful soul. Yes, this too is my bliss.

What are you choosing now? It is a beautiful question for us all and I invite you to live into it today. Thank you, my dear Judy, for your wisdom and grace. You, too, are my bliss!