How to write an essay on anything?

Essay writing has been observed as a difficult task for the students whether it be for any scholarship, class or any contest.

Students always find essay writing a hideous activity to perform. In order to cope up with this problem, students can adopt certain ways in order to break down the essay into manageable sections.

The easiest and best way to write an essay: Following is described the easiest way one can write a good essay on any topic no matter what the purpose is.

1. Choosing a topic: Sometimes the topic has already been assigned, but in some cases, students are given the right to write an essay on any topic they like. In either case, one has to clear about what kind of an essay he/she wants to write, a general paper or a particular analysis. When the topic has not been assigned, it provides a chance to the writers to choose the topic that is of their interest. The writer must have an idea in the mind about whether the paper should be used to inform the readers about something, or to persuade anyone. Once the aim is known, research must be started regarding what topic should be chosen and why. Think about yourself, your life, hobbies, and interests. That will help you get to the point where you’re sure enough about what topic you want to write on. To make the task easier, write all those topics on a piece of paper that you find interesting and would have enough material for it in your mind. Now, all these topics must be evaluated in terms of your purpose of writing. If your purpose is to inform or educate others, opt for the topic you have studied, and if you want to persuade, go for the one you’re passionate about. Your interest is the main ingredient of your essay.

2. Outlining all the ideas: Keeping all the thoughts and ideas in a form is important. When everything is jotted down on the paper, it makes the writer easy to link up and connect all the points and put it into an essay form. Diagrams can also be used to make an outline of all the ideas.

3. Creating the main statement: After choosing the topic and organizing all the ideas on a paper, the main statement has to be written which gives the description regarding your essay. There are two main parts of this statement. One is the topic chosen, the other being the purpose of the essay.

4. Main body of the essay: The main body of the essay serves as a main structure of your essay. It contains all the arguments, explanations, and descriptions about the topic. It has a strong link with the outline of your essay in a way that each thought or idea, jotted down in the outline, has a separate explanation in the main body of the essay. The main body will be arranged in a same way as the outline in terms of the organization of the ideas.

5. Introduction of the essay: The introduction of the essay must be interesting and informative enough to grab the reader’s attention. It must be having a strong link with the statement of the essay.

6. Conclusion: The ending is as significant as the introduction and the main body. It has a whole impact of the essay in a few lines. Only the main points have to be taken with no repetition of ideas.

7. Giving a final touch: After writing the conclusion, don’t rush, and think your job’s over. Read the essay all over again. Small details must be attended to like order of the paragraphs, any grammatical or spelling mistakes, punctuation, sentence structures must be correct. Arrangement of the key ideas must be meaningful. If the guidelines have been provided before, they must be adhered at all means by the writers. The tone should be sophisticated enough to have a positive impact on readers’ minds. Use active voice rather than passive. It gives a more compelling effect, and a sense of immediacy. No need of using excessive quotations. Use your own thoughts more. Repetition of words does not give a good impact. Simplicity is always preferred so use simple words that are easy to read and comprehend, but essay written in a good vocabulary is also not a bad idea. Review once more, and now a great essay has been put into form, ready to be submitted.

Author Bio : Write of this article, Jack kevin is being teaching for last 25 years and has taught in Primary as well as Secondary schools. She has contributed valuable articles on Do My Essay on many forums.

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