Cordless Hammer Drill Buying Guide

In the family of all cordless tools, a cordless hammer drill can be deemed as the most powerful because it can be used to drill through very hard surfaces such as concrete and brick. This versatile tool can be used around the home or in a carpenter’s shop, the fact that it is in fact cordless means that it is more portable to work in indoor and outdoor environments. Since its invention, numerous manufactures have made various modifications on its size and power. Although this gives you options when it comes to buying one, you will also have the difficult task of choosing the most powerful and cost effective cordless drill.

Cordless drill review

To help you pinpoint the best cordless drill for you, here are some the basic features and applications that you should consider before making a financial commitment to a specific hammer drill.

Features To Look For When Choosing the Best Cordless Hammer Drill

The voltage- It is very easy to overspend on a hammer drill with more voltage than you need, getting the right tool in terms of voltage is a matter of comparing the power against the job. Most of cordless drill will have a voltage power that ranges from 2 volts to 24 volts, for a lighter job such as furniture repair, a 6 to 7 drill will do just fine. Although higher voltage translates to higher performance and power, it also affects the weight of the hammer drill. The higher you go in terms voltage the heavier the drill becomes. If you are looking for a drill to use at home in your day to day repairs a 14 volt drill will meet all your needs.

Cordless drill review

Chuck size — The chuck is described as the clump that holds the bit drill that is screwed in. Cordless hammer drills mainly come in one of two chucks with different sizes; one is the 1/2 inch and the 3/8 inch. The size of the chuck size you decide to get will determine the size of the bit drills you will be able to use with your new hammer drill. Here again is all about comparing the job to the tool, for heavy duty work you will better off with a 3/8 inch chuck size.

Drill speed The speed of a hammer drill is measured in terms how many times the clutch can rotate in a minute. A cheap drill that you can use around the home will rotate about 300 times in a minute; on the other hand for a more demanding job you will find harmer drills that rotate 1200 to 1500 times per minutes. This rotation is measured in rpms.

Battery When buying any cordless tool, one of the most important features that you should consider is the battery power. Although it is hard to predict the battery life of your cordless harmer drill, consider its amp hours and rating to get a have sense of how far it will take you. For home repairs, 12 to 14 volts of will be effective, jobs that require higher power will require you to dig deeper in your pocket to get a battery with higher amp power.

Cordless Hammer Drill Reviews

Finally you should also take time to read the hammer drill reviews of the drill you choose to buy. This will help you learn and avoid the mistakes that have been made by previous consumers on various drills; it will also help you find the most competitive price deals. With all the above factors put into consideration, you are bound to find the best cordless hammer drill fit for your job.