ACH Funding Change!

Fund your account by 5pm to have credits the next day!

A few months ago, we announced the integration of ACH payment methods in the app to allow users to fund from their bank accounts. We are excited to announce that the timeline for funding your account using ACH has expanded, giving you more time to fund your account.

Banks we currently support via ACH payment

How Long Will My Funds Take to Transfer?

Depicted to the left, ACH payments typically take 1–2 business days to process depending on the time you place your order. For example, if you wish to have credits to play Tuesday night’s MegaMillions drawing, you would need to place your order before 5:00 pm on Monday and you will receive your credits on Tuesday around 5pm! If you place your fund request after 5:00 pm, processing won’t begin until the following day, and you will receive your funds as credits on Wednesday around 5pm.

ACH Funding Timeframe for Weekends:

Timeline for funding your account over the weekend.

To fund your account over the weekend and have credits available by Monday, you need to submit your fund request before 5:00 pm on Friday. Your credits will then become readily available around 5pm on Monday! If you place a ticket order after 5:00 pm ET on Friday, your credits won’t be available until Tuesday at 5:00 pm.

We’re very excited about the extended timeline of ACH payments, and believe that it will provide further convenience for our users in the app.

Refresher on ACH:

What is ACH?

If you’re not familiar with what ACH Funding is, here’s a quick overview of what it is:

NACHA — the Electronic Payments Association — has served as the trustee of the ACH Network for over 40 years and handles over 20% of all electronic transactions per year. With the help of NACHA, the ACH Network has become one of the largest, most safest and reliable payment systems.

How Does it Benefit Me?

One of the greatest advantages of ACH transactions is that they don’t disclose any personal financial information to third party processors like many credit cards do. Your privacy is exactly what it should be, yours.

ACH processing is typically more cost-efficient than credit card networks because they batch their transactions to reduce cost. If you are making recurring or large payments, this is especially the case.

Convenience is key here. ACH transactions allow you to play Jackpocket through various bank accounts and now the process is quicker and more efficient. Instead of waiting 2–3 days to receive your funds, you can fund your account by 5pm and have credits the next day!

Funding Your Account

If you have not utilized the ACH payment funding feature on Jackpocket, head to the left menu tab on our app and select Fund Account. From there you will be prompted to select your checking/savings account and your funds will be transferred as Jackpocket credits.

With the option of adding funds up to 5pm, we are offering our customers more time to fund their account and play all the lottery games they love!

For more information on ACH Funding, feel free to visit our previous blog post: Jackpocket ACH Funding.

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