Hi, everyone! We wanted to give you some insights to why you haven’t been able to play recently. Jackpocket has been dealing with a clerical issue from one of our third-party vendors. We want to ensure you this is not a technical bug and our security is top notch so all of your information is safe and secure. Dealing with the clerical issue has been a major bummer (to say the least) which has caused us to temporarily stop taking orders. It’s been an extremely frustrating time for us as well, but we are working hard to get it resolved. There is, however, some good news!

Jackpocket is not going anywhere! We will be taking new orders again shortly! We’re very close to having the issue resolved and in the future will be working with alternative vendors to ensure this pause in play never happens again. The other good news is that Apple has just approved a new app update that we will be releasing shortly. The Jackpocket team has not stopped listening to your feedback and continuing to build new features and improvements. We hope to have new updates of the app out every 2 weeks from here on out.

We will notify everyone when we are ready to start taking new orders. In the meantime, the rest of the app still works and you can still access your old tickets, winning credits, and issue payouts for your winning credits.

We’re really sorry about the pause in play but are excited to be back again shortly!

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