Spotify’s next step to improve it’s streaming service…
Austin Condiff

I think this idea could use some polish, but that being said, lets hold off on the “you ripped this idea from others and are copying everying” attack. The idea of taking something that works and making it work better/putting it in a product that would better capitalize on its functionality is old news. Snapchat made the “story” feature famous. They were the first big app to introduce this feature. Soon enough, the beloved Instagram ripped the exact functionality and ported it into their app. Heres the catch, everyone loves it!

Instagram stories are a widely used feature that has added so much value to the product and increased community interaction. Should we shame Instagram for this move? Absolutely not. In the world of product, using market research to discover and fill a feature-hole is fair game. The real question to be asked when considering adapting functionality seen elsewhere into your product is if it will benefit users and fulfill business objectives.