Reducing Tax Liabilities and Risks of Lawsuits for Business Owners

Jackson Cooper
3 min readAug 16, 2016

As we all know, the government wants you to pay taxes on all of that money you’ve worked hard to earn. This isn’t a bad thing, but what most business owners don’t know is they are usually paying a lot more than they need to pay. Some business owners are losing tens of thousands of dollars in revenue because of their money management. They are simply not managing their money in the best way possible to use all of the tax advantages the government makes available to people who are entrepreneurs.

Asset protection specialists educate people on tax advantages and how to structure assets. They have the knowledge and skills needed to manage large sums of money for business owners. They can even help with reducing the risks of costly legal battles, including decreasing the amount business owners may need to pay for restitution.

Lawsuit Risk and How to Protect You and Your Business

Business owners are at incredible risk of being sued, even for things they never did. This can be frightening, especially when assets are at risk. Protecting assets from lawyers seeking to relinquish as much money as possible is essential. Structures assets can makes it difficult for lawyers to find out how much your business is worth. It can also help hide some of your personal assets, which sole proprietors need to be concerned about when battling it out in court.

Structuring assets places money in many different types of trusts, accounts, and investments that may not be as visible as it is now. Many of the trusts and other investment accounts available are not under your business’ name, which makes them well hidden from asset seekers. When lawyers develop a case, they research the business in question to identify how much they can afford to pay. If a lawyer can’t find out how much a business has in assets, he won’t know how much to ask the court for during the proceedings.

Business Structuring Can Make The Difference

In addition, there are ways to structure your business with entities that can save your entire business. By separating your business into different entities, one part may be the only one affected during a lawsuit. This can make the difference in losing just a small amount of money/assets versus losing it all leading to closing the doors of your business forever.

Asset protection can save you money and your business. Don’t risk your financial future any longer. Contact professional american asset protection specialists to help you.

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Jackson Cooper

Jackson Cooper is a writer and investment & finance enthusiast, involved in finance, real estate & asset protection.