Summer Homes in Park City: More Than A Ski Town

Imagine cresting the hill after a particularly long bike ride and seeing a deep valley of greenery, rivers, wildflowers, and mountains in the background. The trail you just rode was also gilded by wildflower meadows, mountainous trees, and the occasional wildlife spotting. To top it all off, when you’ve reached the top of the hill and look down into the valley, the sun begins to set, and the pink, purple, and blue colors in the background are breathtaking.

The scene described here is one of the many recreational opportunities you’ll enjoy during a summer in Park City, Utah. Most people think of this small town just east of Salt Lake City as a ski town that’s only entertaining when there’s snow. Though the skiing and snowboarding during the winter is incredible in Park City, there’s even more to do in the summer.

That’s why so many people choose Park City for their ideal summer home location. Even celebrities like actor Will Smith, comedian Bill Engvall, and actress Katherine Heigl have property in the beautiful mountain town filled to the brim with outdoor recreation.

If you’re not convinced that Park City is the ideal summer home location, here are a few more reasons to love this incredible town in the summer.

Entertainment Galore

If shows, art, and movies are your idea of a great time, Park City has your number. Every summer beginning at the end of May, the city puts on a free art walk, allowing visitors to move from gallery to gallery, sampling free drinks and snacks and some of Utah’s best artwork.

It’s also the home of the Sundance Institute, which offers both winter and summer film festivals where you can view both short and full-length films made by talented directors. They also host weekly movie nights for the entire town.

Shopping on Historic Main Street

Park City was once a famous silver mining town, and its Main Street still sports many of the buildings that were originally built during that time period. There are plenty of tourist shops as well as museums and informational tours offered during the summer.

There’s also an outlet shopping mall for those who prefer high fashion at a great price. These outlets experience high volumes of customers during the summer, drawing a wide variety of tourists due to the great shopping experience and prices.

Outdoor Recreation

The primary reason that people purchase summer homes in Park City, however, is the outdoor recreation. It’s home to numerous opportunities for mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming, spelunking, golfing, and more.

Because it’s a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains, the view is always promising, and whatever outdoor sport you choose is sure to be satisfying. The air is pure and refreshing, inviting its visitors to return all year round. Utah residents are incredibly proud of all that Utah has to offer. You won’t believe the breathtaking views and scenery until you see it yourself. But I promise, this is one spot you need to visit in your lifetime.