What Makes The American Society for Asset Protection Different, Avoid Potential Scams

Jackson Cooper
3 min readApr 4, 2016

If you have reached the point in your life where you have built up assets that will help fund your retirement or care for your family, you should be particularly careful when it comes to guarding it. Asset protection is an ideal way to make sure that your nest egg doesn’t fall prey to financially draining lawsuits or personal and estate taxes. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to distinguish the difference between legitimate asset protection plans and scams designed to deprive you of your hard earned security. Because of frequent media publicity about asset protection scams within the last several years, fewer individuals have sought out this type of assistance because they are unsure of how to tell the difference between a genuine program and a con.

At the American Society for Asset Protection, we believe that providing you with the knowledge you need to spot a scam is the first step in helping you protect your assets. Following are three primary concepts that will help you become informed enough to make the best financial decision

Individualized Asset Protection Plans

One of the common factors in asset protection scams is the one-size-fits-all approach they offer to each client. Your finances are as unique as you are and the best way to protect them is to take an individualized approach. Beware of programs that assure you that you only need a few basic tools to complete the process yourself. Experts suggest that the most effective asset protection kits come combined with consistent advice and consultation opportunities with professionals.

At American Society for Asset Protection, we provide experts that appreciate and respect that helping you protect your assets means taking the time to get to know you and understand your business. Only then can our experienced lawyers develop a plan that is customized for you and your needs. We have compiled a team of associates that are the some of the top professionals in their field, working alongside individuals like Colin Powell, Donald Trump and some former U.S. Presidents.

One-on-one Assistance

Because of the amount of paperwork and detail organizing, asset protection is not a fast or single step procedure. We are dedicated to making sure that you are given every assistance you need throughout the process. You are a business owner with a full schedule and our commitment to you is to provide one-on-one counseling on a timeline that you can work with.

With You Every Step Of The Way

At the American Society For Asset Protection, we want you to feel supported and confident every step of the way. Our associates take the time to make sure you understand each stage of the process and are dedicated to being on hand any time you need until everything is complete. Asset protection scams are notorious for selling you a do it yourself kit and then disappearing without offering the help you need to figure it out.

A legitimate asset protection program can be a valuable move for you and your business and it is important to remember that not all programs are cons. As long as you ensure that you select a company that integrates estate planning issues, risk management issues, tax planning issues and regular, personalized help along with asset protection, you will find yourself in helpful hands.

At the American Society For Asset Protection, we pride ourselves on being a reputable firm that clients can rely on. If you are looking into programs, call us today to discuss our free presentation and take the first step toward qualified protection.

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