Jeremy Cowart

My “art” photographer, Jeremy Cowart, was originally a painter who decided his true passion for photography. His most common type of photography is the art of people; he has taken photographs of many influential celebrities of our day and age. Some of these celebrities — a wide range of personas — include Taylor Swift, Tim Tebow, and the Kardashians.

He does not only photograph celebrities, however. He enjoys photographing ordinary people in their natural state; this does not mean they are necessarily candid shots, but he takes photographs of them in their ordinary clothing and in their ordinary settings (traditional mise-en-scène). This is because he enjoys taking photographs for people who are not able to afford this (he founded “Help-Portrait”), or they can be for his general collection.

Overall, Cowart has an interesting spin on traditional photography, taking pictures of a variety of people, which is its own form of art.

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