Semantics and Syntax of Genre

Both semantics and syntax are components of what makes a specific genre itself. One of my favorites, the “Horror” genre, is what I am going to use for example semantics and syntax.


This is the things you would actually see in a certain genre. This would include the props, clothing, and other mis-en-scene elements presented; this is what gives the genre its uniqueness.

The “Horror” genre, which uses semantics specific to its genre. These elements include weapons, gore/blood, and the setting (spooky locations in particular).


This includes the narrative elements of the film. Furthermore, syntax can be the particular plot sequence of a genre.

The “Horror” genre makes the stereotypical “villain” (sometimes someone we do not know the identity of until the end of the movie) to kill off the other characters (sometimes one-by-one). However, we presume that the “main character” will eventually pull through.

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