Understanding differences to assist in the creation of a better tomorrow

By Jackson Kloes

Daring to explore the diversities amongst a growing populace to assist in improving people’s lives Puerto Rican born Erianis Perez desires a degree in the field of communications to better our tomorrow.

At 16-year-old and a senior at South Division High School in Milwaukee, Perez hopes to accomplish this ambitious task by pursuing a career in either psychology or journalism all with the goal of educating the world about the variations it holds.

She is currently attending the Urban Journalism Workshop at Marquette University to assist her in making her career choice. In an interview, Perez claimed,“Everyone is different and understanding those differences helps everyone.”

Originally from Loiza, Puerto Rico Perez fills her time with reading, cooking, writing, and music. Stating that Korean Pop music as her favorite music. Continuing her explorations into different cultures Perez cited the Korean Drama Boys Over Flowers as her most beloved television show.

Due to her high aspirations,”…people are most surprised by my age… they think I’m older.” This misconception caused “one of the strangest incidents of my life” as Perez puts it,”I was walking and a lady motioned for me to get in her car. I went over thinking it was my best friend, they looked very similar. It turned out not to be my friend.” Quite an enticing experience.