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Thanks for the reply.

Quickly on the other points:

  1. I might have misread you, or be drawing on previous assumptions, but to say that Timberlake was any sort of aggressor or instigator here is crazy. She put him in this position. She told him to rip the shirt.
  2. Sure. I think at this point everyone can agree the whole bit was a bad idea.
  3. Of course. Yes, sexism is obviously a thing, and it almost sure that she suffered because of it, but…maybe I’ll skip 4 and go to:

To be asked to perform at the Super Bowl is (arguably) the pinnacle of status in the entertainment world.

Janet Jackson was a dream. She sold millions, videos were a mainstay of MTV, she was musical royalty, she introduced (without restriction) concepts of alternative sexuality and bondage with The Velvet Rope. She made millions. She made others millions. She was an icon and and idol and revered.

All that was done with her as a woman and POC.

In 2003, the top albums were:

  1. 50-Cent
  2. Norah Jones
  3. Shania Twain
  4. Dixie Chicks
  5. Avril Lavigne

So there was plenty of “hotter” artists to put on the biggest stage that day. She was still chosen because she’s JANET FUCKING JACKSON.

All that was done with her as a woman and POC.

Then she fucked up.

Was she punished more unfairly than others? Maybe. Probably.

But is that because she was a HUGE artist handed the biggest stage of the year, or because she was a woman? That’s a bit more unclear.

Regarding your race issue, I’d have to think of cases, which off the top of mind I don’t have right now.

All I can think of is Jerry Lee Lewis, white man blackballed for marrying underage. And Chris Brown, black man absolved of beating Rhianna.

R Kelly, water ok. Gary Glitter, pedophile no go.

Snoop Dogg, acquitted. Phil Spector, convicted.

DMX tax evasion and jail. Willie Nelson, tax evasion no jail.

David Bowie, all kinds of shit. Chuck Berry, all kinds of shit. And those videos are DEFINITELY laughed at.

But it is the Friday after Thanksgiving, not thinking clearly.

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