You have offered nothing to this point Chen!
G Horner

Wait, you are criticizing someone for providing one study as evidence, and then continue to flog this one quote all over Medium?

And then you link to a response to me as your proof?

But ok, here’s another quote by Ivar Giaver:

“I am not really terribly interested in global warming. Like most physicists I don’t think much about it. But in 2008 I was in a panel here about global warming and I had to learn something about it. And I spent a day or so — half a day maybe on Google, and I was horrified by what I learned. And I’m going to try to explain to you why that was the case.”

Oh good, he spent half a day on Google.

He also said:

“How can you measure the average temperature of the Earth? I don’t think that’s possible.”

That’s your guy! Good luck.

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