iTeach- iLove What I Do

Becoming an Instructional Coach for KSU has allowed me the autonomy to fully immerse myself in Technology, Teaching & Learning. I have throughly enjoyed meeting the staff and listening to their visions and expectations. I’m so excited about my job that I can’t sleep at night because my mind is churning new ideas for the staff & students. All of the possibilities! All of the technology that the students will enjoy! I can’t wait to meet the students on Monday! Leaving the building for the day does not mean the end of my day. I’m learning, I’m finding new resources and keeping abreast of new technology. I’ve never been this elated for the beginning of a school year. When I left this afternoon I told my principal how happy I was to be there & I look forward to this school year- I genuinely meant that. This is my 18th year of teaching & I’m absolutely HAPPY. I may be the only staff member skipping through the building during pre-planning 😄

Stephanee Stephens

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