Americans Reject Hollywood’s Leftist Message, As Studios See Record-Low Summer Sales

Hollywood has just suffered through one of the worst box office seasons in more than two decades.

Wonder Woman was one of the only Summer Films that performed up to expectations, grossing over $400M globally

While some are citing a surge in cinematic TV viewership as the reason for the 35% drop in box office sales, it seems that there is a clear correlation between political-correctness and failure in Hollywood.

North American box office returns reached $625.1M in August, one of the film industries peak months traditionally. This figure marks a more than 35% drop from August 2016, according to ComScore.

Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot, was the subject of intense protests because of the Gadot’s service in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The film was banned in Lebanon, and many other parts of the Muslim Middle East, for this reason and others. Nonetheless, the film grossed more than $400M globally, and became the fifth most successful superhero movie of all time.

This clear dichotomy between films that are leftest-compliant and films that are not, shows that the public is sick of political correctness on the big screen.

Serious reflection will be required on the part of studio executives to understand just why it is that middle-America is not interested in the politically correct candidates that they endorse or the politically correct films that they are bringing to the big screen.

About the Author: Jacob Wohl is the CEO and Head of Fixed Income and Interest Rates for Montgomery Assets, a proprietary trading and asset management firm based in Los Angeles, CA. Jacob Wohl is the host of the Offended America Podcast