Who Is Jacob Wohl?

Wohl Appeared on Doctor Drew in Early 2016 to Support President Trump.

Jacob Wohl has gained notoriety for becoming the world’s youngest hedge fund manager, when he started his first hedge fund Wohl Capital Investment Group, when he was just 17 years old. Since then, he’s become quite controversial, expressing contrarian financial and political opinions to his more than 50K followers on his verified twitter page.

Recently, Jacob Wohl was thrust into the spotlight once again, when he was retweeted by President Donald J. Trump. https://twitter.com/JacobAWohl/status/882021780323311616

Currently, Jacob Wohl is the CEO and a Managing Partner at Montgomery Assets, in Los Angeles, CA. He started that asset management and proprietary trading firm with a business partner, who has previous experience working in the hedge fund and private equity business.

Jacob Wohl’s fundamental bet with Montgomery Assets is that as the current titans of the hedge fund industry begin the retire, the capital currently managed by them will trickle down to newer, innovative start-up hedge funds.

Wohl is still very new to the hedge fund business, and despite attracting his fair share of controversy, he is confident that over the long-term, his exceptional trading track record is what will attract investors and allow him to scale his business.