Jill Stein Wears a Misfits T-shirt.

Just when you think the anti-vaxer couldn’t get any edgier, the Bill Hicks of Politics dawns The Misfits.

Her graffiti on pipeline property has gone viral, and she’s shredding that wave with mad skill.

“I know all their songs. Mostly stuff off American Psycho.”

Holy shit she is cool. But can all that cool stand up to her total lack of qualification and strange opinions regarding solid, documented science? Millennials say yes.

Stacy, 19, says, “I like the way she doesn’t like money. And green is way cooler than blue, as colors go.”

Jill has been seen fighting for women’s rights and other cool shit.

Some conspiracy theorists say she is controlled opposition- a person paid by one party to pull votes from another party’s extreme voters. But Jill doesn’t roll that way.

“I’d rather eat a non organic potato than take money from a lobbyist.”

You heard it hear first, Jill won’t be owned by potatoes.