Welcome to My Blog!

Hello, my name is Jacob Gerber, but most people just call me Jake. I am a student in Don Wettrick’s Innovations class at Noblesville High School. This year in that class I hope to get a lot done, and be able to share it with you all. I plan to do a little bit of all of my many different interests. One of my main intersts is computers, and other technology and I hope to spend a lot of time working on technology related projects. I also really like music, and am a guitarist/occasional bassist, and hope to maybe attempt to write a few songs this year, as well as learning the production side of music and learning how to produce my own music from the studio engineer standpoint. Some of my other interests that I would like to add to some of my projects are sports and gaming, but currently do not know how those will be included in my projects. I hope to be able to produce some amazing content for all of you to look at in the future. For more frequent updates, follow me on twitter, @JacobGerber512, as well as a YouTube account that I hope to have set up in the coming weeks.

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