Day 3!!

So today started off almost worse than yesterday. It was colder, windier, and rainier than yesterday. We just really weren’t looking forward to heading up to Mount Fuji. but, we did anyways and I rally enjoyed it! The whole two and a half hour bus ride through the freezing cold temperatures was… somewhat worth it.

We ended up starting at the visitors center for the Mount Fuji park. That was really cool. They had a bunch of history about how the mountain was formed by a bunch of volcanoes and how it came to be. We shopped around the gift shop for a little and headed to the base to try and get up. After that, we headed for the main part of our day: the cruise of Lake Ashi. Lake Ashi is a lake at the base of mount Fuji that has a beautiful view of the mountain… when the weather isn’t foggy. By the time we started the cruise, the rain had slowed to a slight drizzle so that was pretty nice. It was pretty chilly but overall, it was pretty pleasant! The one thing that irked me was that the low clouds obstructed our view of Mount Fuji completely. So the whole cruise I was guessing where it was. But back to the cruise. It was really cool getting to see all the sacred things that surrounded the lake. Once we got to the other side, we rode a gondola up a peak the was parallel to Mount Fuji. Still no luck see through the cloud cover. But the view of the lake from the peak we were on was absolutely gorgeous.

So we stayed there for a while to take pictures and look around. So then, we hopped back on the gondola to head back down. This was when the sun started to peak back out. Of course, as we were leaving, the sun comes out and clouds start moving. So we went back down and went to spend some time at the shops at the bottom of the gondola entrance. By the time we got down there, the sun was fully out and you could start to pretty clearly see the base of Mount Fuji. We shopped for a while and headed out on the bus that took us back around the lake to head for the train station that housed the bullet train we would take to Tokyo Station. We got to the station and believe me when I tell you: everything you’ve seen or heard about bullet trains does not due them justice. They are incredibly quick and really freaking cool!!! It was indescribable riding a bullet train. So we took that back to Tokyo Station (again the largest train station in the world) and took the main metro line back to the hotel where we ate. Although it sucked not seeing Mount Fuji all the way, the things we did see where still absolutely incredible and the things we did still were phenomenal. All the things we did today and have done that past two days have all just blown me away. This is our last night staying here in Tokyo. We’re all packed up and headed for Chino bright and early tomorrow morning. So that means I should go to bed! Until tomorrow, this is Jacob signing off!

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