REVEALED: GoPro to Instagram… in under 2 minutes.

Let’s be honest here…

Sharing your GoPro footage on social media is a PAIN, and it’s even worse trying to get them to Instagram.

Here’s actual footage of me using GoPro’s app to try and my footage on Insta:

The current process is terrible.

Here’s how to get a headache — aka the current way to edit and share your GoPro videos to Instagram:

  1. Do some basic edits on your footage in GoPro’s painfully slow app (Note: It’s advise to pray during these times to reduce the chances of an app crash)
  2. Transfer your footage to your laptop or another app to get the right crop for Instagram’s story
  3. Color correct your videos and do more precision editing on your laptop.

What If I Told You There Was Another Way?

2 years ago I backed a Kickstarter called GNARBOX, a small device that promised to fix all of this. 1 week ago I got in the post… and it’s a beast


What is GNARBOX?

In a nutshell, it’s a computer that fits in your pocket and solves all our problems.

Armed with a 128GB SS HDD, it’s waterproof, shockproof, and dust proof. — so you can take it anywhere. It’s also kitted out with a Quad Core processor that allows it do things NOTHING else has been able to do…

Color correct 4K videos from your phone with ZERO lag.

Yes, you read that right.

Think of GNARBOX as a way to supercharge your phone to magically give it the powers of your editing laptop.

How Does It Work?

GNARBOX Tutorial

Step 1: Plug in your GoPro, (or any camera or memory card), into one of their MicroSD, SD, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 or Micro USB 3.0 ports.

Step 2: Open the GNARBOX editing app, you will use this to connect your phone to the GNARBOX.

Step 3: Edit your video — color correct, create highlight reels, add music (with a sick ‘hit point’ feature with makes doing this even easier). It has a 4–6 hour battery life which I’ve found to be more than enough!

Step 4: Choose the ‘Instagram Story’ crop option to export your pictures or GoPro frame grabs in the right dimensions with a single tap.

It’s that simple.

No cables. 
No laptops. 
No freak outs from laggy apps.

What Can You Actually Do With it?

Video Editing:

  • Edit videos in full-res fro your phone — with zero lag (even 4K vid)
  • Create highlight reels with precision frame grab editing
  • Color correct footage in high-res
  • Add music to videos
  • Share your clips to social in seconds

Image Editing:

  • Edit any file type, even .RAW files
  • Edit options: Contrast, exposure, highlights, saturation, midpoint and more
  • Export your frame grabs or pictures in Instagram Story dimensions


  • 128GB SS HDD (expandable)
  • 4 GB/min transfer speed

Other cool things worth noting:

GNARBOX also offers a range of other features that I honestly didn’t really know about till I got it, so here’s a very quick run down:

  1. Auto-Organization: 
    Once you either connect your camera or plug in your memory card, GNARBOX will automatically organize your files with the files meta-data. This gives you the option to browse files according to date or location.
  2. iPhone Backup:
    With their latest feature update (they seem to add new features every month), you can backup all your media from your iPhone to GNARBOX’s internal 128GB SS HDD.
  3. Add an external HDD (expandable capacity):
    One thing that scared me a little was their 128GB storage, usually it’s enough but sometimes I need some more capacity. If you do need more, just connect an external HDD to GNARBOX and unlock however much storage you need. Check out their tutorial on how to do this here.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Should you buy it?

Eh, I don’t know…

For me personally it’s really helped. I don’t have to carry a laptop around anymore, and I get my edits out in seconds while backing up all my footage really easily. Being rugged (dustproof, shockproof and waterproof) is also a big deal for me when I go skiing.

If you want to get yours I reccomened live chatting with the GNARBOX team on to make sure it’s right for you!

I’ve had it for a week and I can safely say it’s changed the way I use my GoPro… because I actually use it now!

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